Read some of our frequently most asked questions

Cost depends on the fabric, size, and quality of the garment. Simple business shirts and suits can be very economical. More delicate fabrics can take time and require special treatment to be cleaned correctly. The best way to find out is to come into the store to assess. We will inspect your items and curtains and give you an obligation free quote.

Yes, Manhattan is an on-site workshop, meaning your garments will be ready faster, and there’s no risk of loss from transport to and from the premises.

Yes, we are specialists in unique, valuable and ‘tricky’ materials.

Over 35 years dry cleaning experience running our successful family business, producing damage free, superior results using the latest techniques.

In every case, we do the best we can with the correct techniques. Unfortunately there’s no guarantee that every stain will come out.

We are very conveniently located in the CBD, Adelaide Arcade, just off Rundle mall (near the fountain).

Firstly not many dry cleaners will even clean curtains anymore as they are so difficult, and inconvenient to move, clean and replace. At Manhattan we’re curtain experts and very happy to use our expertise to clean yours.

Why not enjoy our take down/rehang delivery service for curtains. The service is free when you spend more than $100 on your curtain cleaning. If your dirty curtains have been bothering you, Manhattan Dry Cleaning offer the solution you’re looking for.

Bring your special dress to Manhattan Dry Cleaners. We will painstakingly clean it, being ultra careful of any special fabric or decoration and box it up for you safely so it stays in beautiful condition for as long as you want.

We’re open six days a week from 7:30 am for your convenience so you can drop off your clothes on the way to work. Monday to Thursday we close at 5:45, Fridays we close at 7pm and Saturdays at 4pm.

We rely on word of mouth so you can trust us to look after you.